Monday, March 22, 2010

Hot Find! Luis Manzano Bulge

LUIS Manzano could be considered as one of most blessed actors today. After appearing in a primetime show "Dyosa" as Kulas, he will soon give life to another Mars Ravelo's Komiks superhero "Flash Bomba."As he earned positive feedbacks from his effective acting in Dyosa, Luis topbills "Flash Bomba" with confidence and pride."I am very happy to be part of the Komiks family. We waited for this for so long and I guess from Lastikman, Varga, Kapitan Boom, Tiny Tony, and Dragonna, we are all excited to be Isang Lakas," he said.
Isang Lakas is the reunion of all Komiks' superheroes in one heroic TV show in the primetime block.Unlike other Komiks' superheroes, Flash Bomba is the only superhero who loves the spotlight apt for his tag as "Superhero for all Season." His superpowers come from his literally huge hands and feet."Flash Bomba is something different. Although he is not as glamorous as the previous superheroes in Komiks, his mentality is different. I could say that he is a 'showbiz superhero'. He likes the limelight, he loves to be interviewed after every rescue mission and he is the only superhero who has fans day," Luis shared.

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