Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Hot Finds! Papa Jack

Papa Jack is one of the hottest radio stars today. He's really witty. One time, I heard him say that he is a professor in PUP. Uhmm. Wow!

Here's what he has to say about his program, "my program..? its not a typical tranformational show wherein you hear me pampering anyone, there is a right time to pamper someone and there is a right time to say what it is to be said. i will not hold back to tell you if you've been bad or the other way around. i may not be able to tell exactly what is best for you but for sure, i will make you see the bigger picture that perhaps you are missing. goodluck to all and may we all have a happier life."

You can catch him everynight starting from 9pm to 2am on Love Radio 90.7. His programs  "True Love Conversation", and "Wild Condefessions", only run on weekdays.

Note: Wild Confessions is a must.